Leonid Zhabotinsky Sets 3 World Records at the 1964

1964 Leonid Zhabotinsky

Leonid Zhabotinsky Sets World Records at the 1964 Prize of Moscow

March 22, 1964, Moscow

Soviet super heavyweight candidate to compete at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Leonid Zhabotinsky of Zaporozhye, Ukraine sets 3 world records and wins the 1st place in the + 90,0 kg weight class at the 1964 Prize of Moscow invitational international tournament held in Moscow.

By the end of the night, Zhabotinsky won the 1st place and set 3 world records – snatch (168,5 kg), clean-and-jerk (213,0 kg) and total (560,0 kg). There were 7 months left to the Olympics in Tokyo scheduled for October 1964.

Leonid Zhabotinsky (1938-2016) was the strongest man in the world in the 1960s. 2x Olympic champion in the super heavyweight, 4x World Champion, author of many world records, he was a world famous athlete and an iconic sports personality of his times.

Photo: Leonid Zhabotinsky — 200,0 kg

Arthur Chidlovski

Vasily Alexeev: Seven World Records in One Night

Paul Anderson (USA) in Moscow — 1955


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