260 — World Record by Vladimir Marchuk

Владимир Марчук

World Record by Vladimir Marchuk

One of the frequently asked questions about Olympic weightlifting sound like who was the first to lift 200 kg.Or 210 kg. Or 220 kg. How about 230 kg? 240? 250? 260?Most don’t ask about 270 kg. So far nobody cleaned-and-jerked 270 kg in the official competitions.Then, how about 260 kg?Photo covers the historical moment when Vladimir Marchuk of Burevestnik club in Moscow set the new world record (260 kg) in clean-and-jerk at the 1982 USSR Cup on December 19, 1982 in Moscow.

It was Marchuk’s third attempt and it brought him the world record, gold medal of the USSR championship (clean-and-jerk) and the overall win of the 1982 USSR Cup in the super heavyweight.

We already wrote about Marchuk’s phenomenal squats and huge break-in to the elite Olympic weightlifting literally within 1,5-2 years.

Prior to 1979, only a few local experts knew about Vladimir Marchuk. In 1979, he won the bronze in the super heavyweight with 397,5 kg in total at the USSR Spartakiade in Leningrad.

A year later, Marchuk won the 1980 USSR Championship with a 427,5 kg in total.

Finally, he won the 1982 USSR Cup with 450,0 kg!

Impressive total of 450,0 kg (190,0 + 260,0) was the official personal best of Vladimir Marchuk, one the most memorable world super heavyweight of the late 1970s – early 1980s.

He first snatched 200 kg in 1976

Arthur Chidlovski


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