Yury Zakharevich

Yury Zakharevich

Yury Zakharevich: World Record in Snatch (Odessa, 1983)

History in Color
March 4, 1983, Odessa, Ukraine – 20-year old junior Yury Zakharevich of Dimitrovgrad, Russia sets a new world record (200kg snatch) in the in the 100kg weight class at the 1983 Friendship Cup in Odessa.

Odessa is a sea port city in Ukraine. In addition to being a birthplace of my father and hometown of his family line, Odessa is famous for local storytellers, comedians and jokesters.

This time it was no joke – Yury Zakharevich had a fabulous night in Odessa. He set 3 outstanding milestone world records in the 100kg category – 200kg snatch, 240kg cj and 440kg total!


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