Yury Vlasov

Yury Vlasov 1959

His First World Title in 1959
History in Color:
Warsaw, Poland (October 4, 1959) – 24-year old Yury Vlasov sets a new world record in snatch (153kg) and wins his first World title with the 500kg total.

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Yury Vlasov
Yury Vlasov 1960

World Record in Rome

Yury Vlasov lifts 202.5kg in the clean-and-jerk and sets the new world record at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

This was the grand finale of the weightlifting program of the Olympics. Vlasov had a great night and won the title of Olympic champion in the super heavyweight class. He did 8 out of 9 missing one attempt at 185kg in the press lift. He set two Olympic and two World records (sj and total).

His final total was 537.5WR (180OR + 155OR+ 202.5WR).

Yury Vlasov
Yury Vlasov 1962

Yury Vlasov.  Budapest, 1962

September 22, 1962, Budapest, Hungary – Olympic champion of the 1960 Olympics in Rome, legendary Yury Vlasov competes in the 90+kg weight class at the 1962 World Championships in Budapest.

In Budapest, Vlasov won the World title with a 540kg(177.5+155+207.5) total.

After the press and snatch lifts, Vlasov was behind Norbert Schemansky of the United States by 10kg. He managed to bypass Schemansky in total only after lifting 207.5kg in clean-and-jerk.

Yury Vlasov
Yury Vlasov 1963
Yury Vlasov (Stockholm, 1963)
Stockholm, September 13, 1963 – Yury Vlasov of Moscow, Russia competes in the 90+kg weight class at the 1963 World Championship in Stockholm.
Vlasov won his 4th world title with the 557.5kg total. He set 3 world records that night in September – in the clean-and-jerk (212.5kg) and two records in total.

Weightlifting Classics: Yury Vlasov in Paris (1964)
Yury Vlasov
Yury Vlasov 1964

June 1964, Paris, France – Legendary super heavyweight, 28-year old Yury Vlasov of Team USSR goes for a clean-and-jerk world record (215kg) at the invitational international tournament dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the French Weightlifting Federation.

At the time of the tournament in Paris, Yury Vlasov (born in 1935) held the title of the “strongest man in the world”. The 1960 Olympic champion in Rome, 4x World champion, 6x European champion and author of numerous world records, Vlasov was preparing for his second Summer Olympics scheduled to be held in four month, in October 1964 in Tokyo.

The Paris tournament was the last international tournament before the Olympics. In March 1964, Leonid Zhabotinsky managed to set three world records at the 1964 Prize of Moscow – in the snatch (168.5kg), clean-and-jerk (213kg) and total (560kg). As seen on the cover photo, Yury Vlasov went for a cj world record of 215kg.

However, he failed to jerk the record in two attempts and won the tournament with 190+155+200=545kg in total.

In 4 months left, Yury Vlasov set 7 world records and returned ownership of all world records prior to the 1964 Summer Olympics – in total (580kg), press (196kg), snatch (170.5kg) and clean-and-jerk (215.5kg).


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