Triumphant Team Wieghtlifting USA in 1947

Triumphant Team USA in 1947

Triumphant Team USA in 1947

The Strength and Health magazine called them the triumphant 1947 World team. They were triumphant, indeed, at the first official World Championships held in the United States (left to right):

Front row:

Emerich Ishikawa (York Barbell Club, York, PA, 60kg, bronze), Bobby Higgins (Indianapolis, IN, 60kg, gold), Joe DiPietro (Yaco’s Gym, Detroit, MI, 56kg, gold), Richard Tom (Nuuanu YMCA, Honolulu, HI, 56kg, silver);

Mid Row:

Tony Terlazzo (York Barbell Club, York, PA), Frank Spellman (York Barbell Club, York, PA, 75kg, silver), Peter George (A.C.M.W.L. Akron, OH, 67.5kg, gold), John Terpak (York Barbell Club, York, PA, 82.5kg, gold);

Back row:

John Davis (York Barbell Club, York, PA, 82.5+kg, gold), Norb Schemansky (Yaco’s Gym, Detroit, MI, 82.5+kg, silver), Stan Stanczyk (York Barbell Club, York, PA, 75kg, gold), Harold Sakata (Nuuanu YMCA, Honolulu, HI, 82.5kg, 4th place).

1947 World Championship

Location: Philadelphia, USAGOLD MEDALISTSWeight Class

Name Total (kg)

56 kg
Joseph DI PIETRO, United States 102.5+87.5WR+110 = 300WR

60 kg
Robert HIGGINS, United States 105+90+115 = 310

67.5 kg
Peter GEORGE, United States 97.5+110+145 = 352.5

75 kg
Stanley STANCZYK, United States 117.5+127.5WR+160 = 405WR

82.5 kg
John TERPAK, United States 115+120+152.5 = 387.5

+ 82.5 kg
John DAVIS, United States 140+140WR+175WR = 455WR

Olympic Heavyweight Champions (London, 1948)

Olympic Heavyweight Champions (London, 1948)


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