Stanley Stanczyk (USA) Wins the Gold Olympic Games (1948)

Stanley Stanczyk

August 11, 1948, London, Great Britain – 23-year old light heavyweight Stanley Stanzyk of Team U.S.A. wins the gold medal at the first post World War II Olympic Games in London.

On his way to the Olympic title, Stanczyk broke all Olympic records in each lift and in total:

130,0 OR + 130,0 OR+ 157,5 OR = 417,5 OR

Veteran of the war, brilliant Olympic weightlifter and bodybuilding contestant, Stanley Stanczyk was the first American athlete to win World titles in three weight classes – 67,5 kg, 75,0 kg and 82,5 kg.

Stanczyk was a good sports guy and an easy going personality both when he competed in Olympic weightlifting and when he ran a hotel/bowling alley business after his retirement from sports.

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