Snatch with a narrow grip. Training in the USSR

Спортстудия силового тренинга

In the 70 and 80 — years, the snatch exercise was popular with a narrow grip. Its main use for the development of flexibility and good fixation. For young beginners, this exercise is useful, but for older athletes, I think it is optional. With the classic snatch 140 kg, my result in the snatch narrow grip was 90 kg. Exercise was performed 1-2 reps in 5-6 sets. Often the attempts were unsuccessful. This exercise should not be included in the competition period of preparation.

In the photo Valery Smirnov (1975 y.) world record holder.

And today’s training

Training in SportStudio.
You can see how the Snatch is performed by a narrow grip.

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Georgy Zobach, the Honours Master of physical training and sports of Russia


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