1946 World Championships Team USA

1946 World Championships Team USA

York, Pennsylvania: 1946 World Championships Team USA

October 1946, York, PA, USA – of the most memorable U.S. weightlifting teams that was sent to Europe and won the 1946 World Championship in Paris, France:

Left to right:

Front row – Emerick Ishikawa (60,0 kg, 6 th place), Bob Hoffman (coach and sponsor), Frank Kay (82,0 kg, silver).

Top row: Stanley Stanczyk (67,5 kg, gold medal), Frank Spellman (75,0 kg, bronze medal), John Terpak (75,0 kg, silver medal).

Note: Member the 1946 World’s Championship Team, John Davis (+82,5 kg, gold medal), wasn’t a part of this photo session. He won a World title in the +82,5 kg class.

The black-and-white original of this photo appeared official program of the 1947 World Championships that was held in Philadelphia in September 1947 – the first Olympic weightlifting World Championships ever conducted in the United States.

1946 World Championships Team USA
Stanley Stanczyk (USA, 67.5kg, gold), Grigory Novak (USSR, 82.5kg, gold), Frank Kay (USA, 82.5kg, silver) (WC 1946, Paris)

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